We want you to be happy with your new Whitby handbag. That is why we inspect all of our handbags thoroughly before we send them, including taking photos. If you have unpacked your new handbag and found something wrong in the materials or workmanship, please email us immediately at We apologize for any errors on our part. If a return is authorized, we will promptly email you the return address label and process a refund of your investment.

TIME: You have strictly 30 business days to email us regarding any product defects following receipt of your Whitby shipment and seven days to ship your authorized return to Whitby. Please do not return your handbag without first connecting with our Customer Service Representative at

CONDITION: We will accept your authorized return if the goods are absolutely unused and in the original condition. When you purchase from Whitby we guarantee that you will get a brand new product. You will be the first owner of an original Whitby handbag. We hope you are deeply impacted by the weight of the cause you are carrying, and find this handbag rises above the rest year after year.

REFUND: Once the goods are returned to Whitby in the original and unused condition, we will quality-check them and process a refund for the goods. We want returns to be easy and are committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible! Whitby will not accept responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of lost packages that are not sent as pre-authorized returns using your Whitby-provided return shipping label.


Please contact our customer service team at Should an element of the handbag be flawed beyond repair upon delivery, we will replace the bag to ensure quality is maintained and you are happy with your purchase.