Our handbags are designed to tell a story --- a story of freedom and hope that you carry with you every day.




When you purchase a product from Whitby, Whitby will make a donation to one of five nonprofit partners to prevent the exploitation of girls through education. 

Whitby is dedicated to donating 15% of every product sold to our nonprofit partners. Every product tells a different story - don't miss it! 

By purchasing a Whitby product you are agreeing to carry justice for the group of girls you supported. Get aquatinted with their story, their country, and their culture. Understand why they are at risk of being exploited - sexually, physically, emotionally - and how we, along with our nonprofit partners, are fighting for her protection.

Whitby depends on you, the advocate and abolitionist in your own community, to carry justice with us.

None of us can do it alone. Will you help us carry this?



Our Partners 

How Does Your Purchase Support Our Girls?


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Made in NYC



Whitby handbags are proudly made in our small family owned and operated partner factory on W. 38th Street in New York City. 


                                                 Whitby founder Britt Adams in La Croix, Haiti in February 2014.

                                                 Whitby founder Britt Adams in La Croix, Haiti in February 2014.