Our Love For All Carrier Bags – Plastic, Paper, Printed, Custom – You Name It!

bags for lifeAs our first post, we’d thought we’d introduce our love of carrier bags, with an introduction on different types of carrier bags

To be honest, if the truth is known, we are a group of crazy individuals that are just mad about different types of bags.  Yes, we are crazy (as I just said) but that’s just the way we are, that’s just the way we roll!

I don’t know what it is about bags, but they just fascinate us. Let’s look at standard carrier bags, for example.

They are just bags that are used for a number of purposes, such as the to take home your groceries, or when you buy something from one of the shops in the retail parks or the high street.  Or, they could be bags that are handed out at tradeshow that you can store all your freebies, such as pens and company leaflets, Wow!

The basic carrier bag has been typically made from Plastic, and that’s the problem.

It’s a plastic material that is hard-wearing, which is excellent because these bags last forever.  But on the downside, it’s a plastic material that is hard-wearing that lasts forever.  Yes, these points do contradict each other.  Because these plastic carrier bags, you know the cheap ones, are used once they just get chucked out.

The plastic carrier bags are then taken to the waste fill sites, they get buried, but they just don’t decompose.  So these plastic carrier bags stay there forever, which makes them shocking for the environment.

Now most governments around the world (or to be honest, most environmental agencies) have realised this is a big issue and there’s been a big push to get rid of the standard cheap plastic carrier bags.

canvas bagsNow, what you’re finding is people are selling (yes selling!)  Plastic carrier bags, for say 25p.  And they’re not the cheap plastic material that doesn’t decompose.  Well, for one, they’re bags for life, so the idea is that people use these bags over and over again.  And for two, they’re the type of plastic material that is recyclable and can easily be destroyed.

Furthermore, there’s a number of different other materials that have been used for carrier bags.  Such as paper carrier bags, or the budget-friendly jute bags that are both made from biodegradable material, making them ultra-safe for the environment.

There are other materials too, such as organic cotton carrier bags.  Now, organic cotton carrier bags are more expensive, but they are extremely environmentally friendly.

This post is just an overview of carrier bags, I guess as an introduction to us and as an opening post on a new blog 🙂

Don’t you find, after reading this blog post, carrier bags are quite exciting.  Go on, admit it.

Anyway, we intend to write a few different posts on carrier bags but bear in mind this blog website thing is new technology to us, so we are not so familiar.  So if we make mistakes, please bear with us, and hopefully, this will be a blog you will bookmark (if that’s the right term 🙂 ) to refer back over and over again.

I hope you enjoy.  All the best.

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