It Ends With Us :: #enditmovement

Bonjuer from La Croix, Haiti!

We are here meeting the first class of girls who will be sponsored through the sale of our custom luxury handbags. One handbag provides one year of education for one of the girls you see here; girls who would otherwise not be able to continue their education next year.

La Croix is a high risk restavec community in the southern part of Haiti. The word restavec defines a child who is indentured, or forced into domestic servitude. This is a prevalent form of modern-day slavery in Haiti.

We believe providing girls and their families access to free education will prevent this social injustice from continuing to the next generation. Education as a means of prevention.

At the end of the video you meet the heart of our company as they exclaim "Li fini ak nou" -- "It ends with us!" 

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