CARRY JUSTICE | 5 Victories in the Social Justice & women's rights World Right Now

Girls in classroom at the School for Justice in India.   Image Source: Huffington Post

Girls in classroom at the School for Justice in India. 

Image Source: Huffington Post

With all of the negativity in our news and media today, it’s easy to overlook the positive and uplifting events occurring everywhere that help push our world to be a better place. In the face of inequality and strife, passionate and determined people all around the world are still fighting for social equality and pushing past barriers of injustice. Today, we want to highlight five social justice victories, specifically in the realm of women's’ and girls’ rights. We know that our Whitby customers are just as passionate and optimistic about women’s rights as we are, and we hope to bring a smile to your face with some of the amazing accomplishments of girls and women around the world.

School in India trains trafficking survivors to be lawyers

The School for Justice in India provides survivors of sex trafficking with the funding and support they need to pursue a law degree. All of the survivors live together in the same house and take basic law and English classes while they apply for law school. Free a Girl, the anti-trafficking organization that founded the program, is currently looking to expand and start a similar program in Brazil.


Lebanese rock singer encourages men to support women’s rights in the Middle East

Hammed Sino, lead singer of the popular Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila, recently spoke out about various women’s rights issues in the Middle East, including unequal representation in the government and unfair gender roles. He has received death threats on social media and was banned from preforming in Jordan but has continued to voice his opinions about gender equality. Most recently, the band released a controversial music video featuring Arab women in untraditional attire to challenge traditional Middle Eastern gender roles.


The United States House of Representatives passes the Trafficking Victims and Prevention Act of 2017

The Trafficking Victims and Prevention Act of 2017 was passed by the House with bipartisan support on July 12. The bill allocates $520 million to sex trafficking prevention and aftercare over a span of four years and outlines efforts to educate and bring awareness to potential victims. This is the sixth iteration of the Trafficking Victims and Prevention Act (TVPA). The TVPA of 2017 focuses much more heavily on trafficking prevention than previous versions of the TVPA, an initiative championed by anti-trafficking advocates.


Women in Iran wear white to protest the Iranian law that forces women to wear all black with black headscarves

Iranian women have started to stand up against the strict Iranian law forcing women to cover their hair and entire bodies by wearing all-black robes. Using the hashtag #whitewednesdays, Iranian women have been protesting by posting pictures and videos of themselves on social media wearing white headscarves or white articles of clothing. The movement already has a large following in Iran, Afghanistan, and other Middle Eastern countries and seems to be on the right track to spread even further.  


Saudi Arabian government releases woman arrested for wearing mini skirt

A Saudi Arabian woman was recently arrested for walking down a public street in a mini skirt and crop top, an outfit which violates strict Saudi Arabian norms for how women should dress. After news of her arrest spread, men and women around the world spoke out against harsh Saudi Arabian laws dictating what women can wear, where they can go, and what they can do.  On July 18, the woman was released by the police with no charges against her.


Story: Haley Vincent



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