Whitby Holiday | A Visionary Father

Fathers are the ultimate visionaries and our Thailand Journal is the perfect gift for him that gives back.

The Whitby's men journal in black is made of Saffiano Vegan Leather and foil stamped with the phrase "His Destination is Greatness." Essential for all father's with a true vision.


The art of jotting down thoughts and daily musings have been found beneficial for everything from simple thoughts to organization and stress. Unsurprisingly the cathartic exercise is also good for memory. Owning a journal might seen simple, but it's quit extraordinary. Like our fathers, there are men whose vision wouldn't exist without a journal.

Below are some of the visionaries across a white range of professions who benefited from the practice of keeping a journal. These pages offer rich insights into what aspects helped them transform the world. 

Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln

By: Sinclaire Reddings
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