Wear with Whitby | A Butter Yellow Color Story

Spring is here! That means it's finally time break out your warmer weather favorites. If you need a little inspiration on what to Wear with Whitby, look no further. This look is inspired by the Whitby Codet Satchel in a beautiful butter yellow. Not only is this handbag made from the highest quality saffiano leather, 30% of the proceeds are donated directly to students’ education in La Croix, Haiti.

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. It’s the color that captures our attention more than any other. It’s the color of happiness, optimism, enlightenment, creativity, sunshine, and spring.

Start off spring by making your house smell amazing with the Neom Organics diffuser in the scent feel refreshed. Then wear this yellow inspired outfit to welcome spring and happiness into your life. The ivory playsuit pictured will insure your yellow accessories standout. The suede trend is not going away anytime soon, so slip on these yellow suede sandals and add a little height to your look. The yellow triple tier drop earrings will score you tons of envious onlookers. Not to mention, it's an easy and on-trend way to brighten up your outfit. Block the sun with these shades. And when the sun gets too warm throw on this one-piece swimsuit and jump in the pool to cool off.  

Blue and yellow are complementary colors. Add a pop of blue on your nails with the Habit nail polish. Even this inspiring book fits our color scheme, and can easily fit in your satchel. Carry justice everyday in your actions and even in what you wear with Whitby.