GIFT WITH WHITBY | Britt's Favorite Things



First on my list is also part of my resolution to develop a green thumb in 2018. Notorious for killing every plant I touch, I feel like an arsenal of tools will bring out my inner botanist - starting with his cute bass mister.

A little night cap never looked so chic. A holiday spritzer or an upgrade for my La Croix addiction - these tortoise shell glasses are a piece of art. Cheers.

I've been on the hunt for a neutral pair of sunnies to accompany my current obsession with all things Ecru. These sunglasses are from our favorite retailer and also do good!

Anyone picking up a theme? A new pair of kicks that match absolutely everything I own. Add to Cart.

A candle is the perfect gift for your co-worker, best friend, hostess, or mother-in-law. This one will bring light to more that just your home - it shines hope into the lives of women in Iraq.

I haven't taken this necklace off in months. It is a simple and understated staple that adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Pajamas are a staple on my annual wish list. This pair just so happens to look perfect with our Namfon Tote in Hunter.

Renee Bouchon is my new favorite Atlanta artist. Her relic series sells so fast I have yet to get my hands on one! Hint hint.

This sweater is just as comfy as you think it will be. Your welcome.