An "Investment Bag" that also invests

The Codet Satchel in Caramel

The Codet Satchel in Caramel

The investment purchase. We've all heard this justification, most of us have even used it a time or two. But what qualifies as an investment bag? What if I told you that your next investment bag could also invest?

When you buy a Codet Satchel you invest in a girls' life. Not only is her art printed on the lining of your bag, reminding you of the weight you are carrying, but you are able to track with her throughout the school year. 

A traditional investment bag holds a few trains of thought: 

1) Its quality and classic design will stand the test of time. Investing in high quality materials and artisan production now will ensure it is an heirloom piece in your closet for decades, not seasons.

2) It pays off in cost per wear. Our Codet Satchel is meant to last year after year. If you wear your new satchel 150 times this year that comes out to less than $9.00 per wear. 

3) The rest of your outfit is instantly elevated. We love to see our bag paired with a more accessible outfit. Head to toe designer outfits aren't in the cards for most of us, but a quality bag instantly elevates your look.

Beyond the traditional understanding of what qualifies as an investment bag, our company is committed making your investment count beyond the product.

The definition of investment is the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns. Our bags gain profitable returns in human capital - the future mothers, teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, politicians - who will shape the trajectory of their country's future from the inside out.

So. Will in invest in us? Will you invest in them?

Whitby Handbags is a socially conscious luxury accessories line devoted to the abolishment of modern-day slavery and human trafficking through the funding of girls and boys educations around the world. Founded by Britt Adams in August 2014, Whitby launched their first collection in August 2015 with the Codet Satchel. Whitby is committed to donating 30% of their profits to nonprofit partners in Haiti, Iraq, Thailand, and Peru. The new collection will be available for purchase online and at select retailers Spring 2017.

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