Meet the Girls


Twenty-three of the most beautiful, joyful, smart girls you will ever meet. Six-years-old to sixteen and every age in between, these faces have infiltrated our hearts in the most authentic way. Our hope is that you will say the same.

Here's another number: 200

Collectively, the twenty-three girls smiling back at you have approximately 200 years of school to complete. When our collection launches this summer you will have the opportunity to fund one of them - for an entire year.

Each of these girls is at-risk. They live in a small community in the southern part of Haiti that has a restavec population of more than 3,000. More on that here. Mostly unaware of the dangers of modern-day slavery, La Croix has no public education system that would keep vulnerable children safe during the day. Our partner nonprofit has partnered with the community to build three schools, but there is a cost to attend that often holds families back from sending their daughters to school. 

Will you help us send these girls to school? Will you help us prevent modern-day slavery from knocking on their door? Will you help us end it in this generation?