Think Ethical Carrier Bags For Your Next Exhibition, Tradeshow, Event Or Conference

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If you’re planning for your next tradeshow or you have a business event or conference that you’re organising, think again about the carrier bags and the other plastic promotional gifts that you handout.

With many industries across the globe looking to reduce their environmental footprint and reduce the use of plastic, more and more fabric bags are being used, not just in retail, but also for trade shows, conferences and the like.

Custom-made printed bags can be such an effective and essential marketing tool for any business, especially at an exhibition or trade show.  

If you have many people walking around carrying one of your carrier bags with your brand, that’s great advertising for you and your company, whether you are in the UK, across Europe or across the world.

Not only is it great advertising and marketing for the day of the exhibition or trade show, it provides your attendee with a gift they take home to use multiple times, or they even take back into their office to show their working colleagues. This marketing all adds up to increased visibility and potentially extra advertising revenue opportunities.

If you’re looking at carrier bags, today there is such a vast range non-plastic bags, such as fabric bags, to choose from for your customised promotional bag.  

The fabric bags, otherwise known as Bags for Life, are great looking and have been designed such that they will be used over and over again, providing exceptional value to the carrier bag recipient.

Bags for life range from promotional canvas bags, jute and tote bags, changing to any one of these printed fabric carrier bags may seem to you like a small change but can have a significant environmental impact on our society.

As people see and hear that your company carrier bags are helping to save the planet and the environment, then your company will be known to have extremely ethical standards with increased awareness as the bespoke carrier bag is widely seen by all attendees and others.

We all love a freebie, and when people at your trade show or conference hear you are giving away free bags for life, it will not only help them carry their many brochures but also look great as a bag they can use over and over again, people will want to take one of your bags.

It’s never been so simple to create environmentally friendly promotional bags for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences or events.  

If you are looking for a printed carrier bag for an exhibitor that is planning your next tradeshow, want to increase your marketing and provide a promotional gift for your delegates, or an event organiser that’s selling advertising space on the carrier bag, always think ethically with environmentally friendly carrier bags.

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