Printed Carrier Bag benefits for your Company Marketing and Brand Awareness

Marketing can be quite expensive, and there are so many forms, such as off-line to online. There is one form that is often overlooked, that is effective and very low cost, which is promotional printed shopping carrier bags.

This article talks about some of the benefits of using printed carrier bags for your company’s marketing.

Increasing Brand Awareness And Brand Recognition

Most companies generate a brand, and they’re looking to increase their brand awareness and recognition. The more people that know their brand and can identify with it, the more long-term business that the company will have.

The main issue is that there is more competition appearing daily, and increasing your brand awareness becomes difficult. Using printed carrier bags can significantly help to improve your brand awareness with very minimal effort.

With the right message and design of print, people will want to carry around your promotional or branded printed carrier bag. Consumers will want to come into your shop, or your business, for a carrier bag, happy to walk around the high street after purchase and also excited to use your printed carrier bag over again, and become a walking advertisement for your company.

So many companies can use printed carrier bags as part of their marketing and promotion, including a charity, any business or organisation or even a foundation.

General Marketing Benefits

As you only pay once per carrier bag, the more people that consistently use your promotional carrier bags many times, the more free advertising exposure your company gets. Promotional printed carrier bags can be like a walking billboard for everyone to see.

This form of marketing can be better than any other way, including sending out leaflets or flyers which, to be honest, is very low-cost, but certainly not as effective.

You can use these bags to spread the word about any promotional events, social media campaigns, your unique selling point or tagline or just your logo.

Show To The World Your Company Is Ethical And Eco-Friendly 

In today’s world, the manufacturing of branded shopping bags uses recyclable, eco-friendly materials.

Along with increasing your company’s marketing, these branded shopping bags show the world that you care about the environment and the planet, by supplying these printed shopping bags that are good for the environment.

Durable, Unique and Versatile

By designing a subtle but effective printed carrier bag that is strong and unique, easy on the eye and can be easily folded up and put in your pocket, you get more people continually reusing these carrier bags.

The more design orientated your printed shopping bag is, the more people will look to go to your shop and buy your products to get a carrier bag that they can keep as a souvenir, they can use over and over again to show their friends and colleagues.

Cost-Effective Marketing

It’s always challenging to know what is the best marketing for your business, whether it’s digital marketing with Google Ads PPC advertising, SEO or even YouTube ads. Advertising can be expensive, and if you don’t get any return on your investment, it works out even more costly for a business.

This cost doesn’t apply with printed carrier bags as they are cost-effective to make, and the more you order, the cheaper they cost per bag.

Where Can Printed Carrier Bags Be Used?

You’d be surprised as you can use printed carrier bags everywhere. 

The obvious place is when somebody purchases your products, but branded shopping bags are superb for trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences or any other promotional offering.

The Carrier Bag Choices 

When it comes to printed carrier bags, there are so many different variations you can choose.  

You can choose the typical rugged, sturdy recyclable plastic material. Or choose a bag for life made out of canvas material, such as jute bags, cotton bags or tote bags.  

All these are available in various sizes from small, medium or large. So many choices

 Our Conclusion

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to market your business and increase your brand awareness, then printed carrier bags is undoubtedly the way to go. Try it for yourself, your business and see how it does for you.

Think Ethical Carrier Bags For Your Next Exhibition, Tradeshow, Event Or Conference

If you’re planning for your next tradeshow or you have a business event or conference that you’re organising, think again about the carrier bags and the other plastic promotional gifts that you handout.

With many industries across the globe looking to reduce their environmental footprint and reduce the use of plastic, more and more fabric bags are being used, not just in retail, but also for trade shows, conferences and the like.

Custom-made printed bags can be such an effective and essential marketing tool for any business, especially at an exhibition or trade show.  

If you have many people walking around carrying one of your carrier bags with your brand, that’s great advertising for you and your company, whether you are in the UK, across Europe or across the world.

Not only is it great advertising and marketing for the day of the exhibition or trade show, it provides your attendee with a gift they take home to use multiple times, or they even take back into their office to show their working colleagues. This marketing all adds up to increased visibility and potentially extra advertising revenue opportunities.

If you’re looking at carrier bags, today there is such a vast range non-plastic bags, such as fabric bags, to choose from for your customised promotional bag.  

The fabric bags, otherwise known as Bags for Life, are great looking and have been designed such that they will be used over and over again, providing exceptional value to the carrier bag recipient.

Bags for life range from promotional canvas bags, jute and tote bags, changing to any one of these printed fabric carrier bags may seem to you like a small change but can have a significant environmental impact on our society.

As people see and hear that your company carrier bags are helping to save the planet and the environment, then your company will be known to have extremely ethical standards with increased awareness as the bespoke carrier bag is widely seen by all attendees and others.

We all love a freebie, and when people at your trade show or conference hear you are giving away free bags for life, it will not only help them carry their many brochures but also look great as a bag they can use over and over again, people will want to take one of your bags.

It’s never been so simple to create environmentally friendly promotional bags for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences or events.  

If you are looking for a printed carrier bag for an exhibitor that is planning your next tradeshow, want to increase your marketing and provide a promotional gift for your delegates, or an event organiser that’s selling advertising space on the carrier bag, always think ethically with environmentally friendly carrier bags.

Our Love For All Carrier Bags – Plastic, Paper, Printed, Custom – You Name It!

bags for lifeAs our first post, we’d thought we’d introduce our love of carrier bags, with an introduction on different types of carrier bags

To be honest, if the truth is known, we are a group of crazy individuals that are just mad about different types of bags.  Yes, we are crazy (as I just said) but that’s just the way we are, that’s just the way we roll!

I don’t know what it is about bags, but they just fascinate us. Let’s look at standard carrier bags, for example.

They are just bags that are used for a number of purposes, such as the to take home your groceries, or when you buy something from one of the shops in the retail parks or the high street.  Or, they could be bags that are handed out at tradeshow that you can store all your freebies, such as pens and company leaflets, Wow!

The basic carrier bag has been typically made from Plastic, and that’s the problem.

It’s a plastic material that is hard-wearing, which is excellent because these bags last forever.  But on the downside, it’s a plastic material that is hard-wearing that lasts forever.  Yes, these points do contradict each other.  Because these plastic carrier bags, you know the cheap ones, are used once they just get chucked out.

The plastic carrier bags are then taken to the waste fill sites, they get buried, but they just don’t decompose.  So these plastic carrier bags stay there forever, which makes them shocking for the environment.

Now most governments around the world (or to be honest, most environmental agencies) have realised this is a big issue and there’s been a big push to get rid of the standard cheap plastic carrier bags.

canvas bagsNow, what you’re finding is people are selling (yes selling!)  Plastic carrier bags, for say 25p.  And they’re not the cheap plastic material that doesn’t decompose.  Well, for one, they’re bags for life, so the idea is that people use these bags over and over again.  And for two, they’re the type of plastic material that is recyclable and can easily be destroyed.

Furthermore, there’s a number of different other materials that have been used for carrier bags.  Such as paper carrier bags, or the budget-friendly jute bags that are both made from biodegradable material, making them ultra-safe for the environment.

There are other materials too, such as organic cotton carrier bags.  Now, organic cotton carrier bags are more expensive, but they are extremely environmentally friendly.

This post is just an overview of carrier bags, I guess as an introduction to us and as an opening post on a new blog 🙂

Don’t you find, after reading this blog post, carrier bags are quite exciting.  Go on, admit it.

Anyway, we intend to write a few different posts on carrier bags but bear in mind this blog website thing is new technology to us, so we are not so familiar.  So if we make mistakes, please bear with us, and hopefully, this will be a blog you will bookmark (if that’s the right term 🙂 ) to refer back over and over again.

I hope you enjoy.  All the best.